smart relaxx - Knitwear with a trick. Made in Italy.

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smart relaxx®

Garments with special functional properties are called „intelligent textiles“. smart relaxx® is one of these – the high quality and innovative series of fine knitwear of hajo Polo & Sportswear. - Made in Italy!

no itching


skin sensitive

>> Materials <<
Merino wool is regarded as the sheep wool with the best and finest quality. It is extracted from the  merino sheep hair. These animals come from Spain and live principally in Australia and New Zealand. This wool – which is four times finer than sheep-wool – protects you of temperature variations of 50°C and more.
Cotton is the oldest natural fiber which is used for  garments. It is smooth, skin sensitive and comfortable to wear.
Acrylic fibers absorb humidity and dry therefore very fast. They are elastic and very light.
The most important features of merino wool:

  • it dries very fast
  • it's a cooling effect,  when it is warm
  • it gives excellent warmth, when it is humid
  • it prevents the release of odours by natural, antibiotic impact natural UV-protection

>> Combination <<

smart relaxx® is a  special innovative knitwear process on state-of-art knitting machines.

“Smart” - because this innovative technique renders an intelligent connection of different materials possible:

The exterior consists of 50 % brand acrylic. This composition provides a soft touch and the low-maintenance.
“Relaxx” - because the interior consists of 100 %  natural cotton. The product is thereby skin sensitive and not itching. This causes the best comfort of wearing – also directly on the skin.

>> Advantages <<
Why do other wool pullovers itch?
A lot of people think that picking and itching is an allergic reaction. Thereby it´s about a mechanical irritation, which is caused by distant fibres. The pikes of these fibers dock in the skin and cause the disagreeable feeling. It gets especially uncomfortable by sweating when the skin soaks. You can see the distant pikes under the microscope. Due to the quantity of these fiber pikes a surface index is detected.

That is why do smart relaxx®-pullovers not itch!
The interior of smart relaxx® consists of 100 % cotton. The skin does not come into contact with the smooth merino wool that is not itching anyway.

Cotton  does not itch because the fibers are buoyed differently. It consists of  the cotton tree´s seed fibers. The surface is glossy, whereby the  cotton offers skin sensitive and smooth properties.

Breathable by ideal humidity

The  cotton provides not only an agreeable wearing comfort but has also  other important functions on the skin. It absorbs transpiration and  passes it on  to the exterior. The ultrafine processed merino wool  evaporates it quickly. The body stays dry and  warm.

Natural odour by self-cleaning wool

A natural deodorization of the merino wool avoids the creation of bacteria which are responsible for off-odours. Often only the aerating of the piece of clothing suffices and spares the washing.

Low-maintenance by technic fibers

The proportion of acrylic fibers emphasizes the softness of the merino wool, renders the clothes sturdier and caters for low-maintenance.

>> Styles <<


Crew neck





Polo collar with zip

>> Contact <<

Would you like to inform us about something? Have you   got suggestions or ideas for improvement? Take the opportunity below to contact us.

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Philipp-Karl-Str. 7 | D-92637 Weiden
Telefon: +49 961 6006-0 | Telefax: +49 961 61720 | info(at)
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